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If you were born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, from February 15 to 21, you are full of compassion and creativity and can feel the weight of the.

You will be blessed with more opportunities and this will give you a sense of satisfaction. Libra Love and Relationships Horoscope: You should find the day exciting for your relationship.

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There are also chances of going on a trip with your partner. Libra Money and Finances Horoscope: Finances will be smooth enough for the day. You will be in a position to gain more money,. Libra Health Horoscope: Health should not create any major problems.

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Make best use of the time. Find out what star the Moon was in when you were born. This is View Details.

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Romantically charged lunar vibes in the early days of the month might pick up on a sense of romantic anticipation, but when the Moon returns to your romantic sector on 28th December it will be to find the real thing. When the Sun left your income sector last month, this should have brought all planetary activity for the year to a close. The exploration of income potential is definitely into bonus time, with Mercury having returned in early September for what should have been a 14 to 15 day visit, aimed at giving you the smart head for money needed to get your head in the game and around income options.

Libra Monthly Horoscope – March 12222

Instead, two months on Mercury is still here and will be until leaving on 9th December. Mars was the last planet to arrive and he will be the last to leave, with the warrior planet of the cosmos able to capitalise on what the planets that have come and gone before him has triggered, in order to exploit the potential.

One of those planets was Venus, with the planet of money having left earlier last month, but not before setting things in motion. Mars is the warrior planet of the cosmos and here he is directed into fighting for what you deserve and to exploiting the potential created over recent months. Where the Sun would normally leave off, Mars is just getting started. Mars will form friendly aspects to both, creating the potential for a good end to the year across the income, work and career fronts.

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The days leading up to Christmas could be potentially lucrative. Things are deceptively quiet on the professional front this month, in a way that presents as a rise in job and professional confidence but a lack of urgency on both fronts as if you were waiting for something.

This is what the professional gods are waiting for, with January the month when your professional year will spring into life in a surprising and dramatic way. Yet behind the scenes, the main players are already here and there are a few practice runs.

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The reason for a lunar eclipse next month is that you still have the North Node in your career sector and will do until May You will have a practice run when the Moon makes its last visit to your career sector for the year and before returning as a lunar eclipse, from 13th December to 15th December.

This will provide clues on what the lunar eclipse might trigger but also on how to bring this professional year home. Neptune only turned direct in the final 48 hours of November, so is at a standstill at the start of the month and will only very gradually start to pick up speed during the month. Also read: Libra Horoscope Anne has worked as a professional Astrologer, writing Horoscope Content for the media, public and private clients since and currently provides Horoscope Content to companies in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and around the world.

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