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If you were born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, from February 15 to 21, you are full of compassion and creativity and can feel the weight of the.

If they feel their love is not reciprocated, this love can turn into hate. It is very difficult for Scorpios to forgive and forget. The typical Scorpio will not rest until he has his revenge on the friend that betrayed him and let him down. This is the hardest Tikun correction of Scorpions — to find the Central Column, control the urge to avenge, and to live, love and let go.

Mar-Cheshvan, as the month is formally known, in Hebrew means bitter Cheshvan.

Kabbalistic Astrology by Rav Berg

However, it can be transformed into Ram Cheshvan elevated Cheshvan. Our job throughout the month is to transform that which is bitter into sweet, that which is lowly to lofty. It takes a strong consciousness and self-control to achieve this transformation. It is not easy to make the dark forces completely white.

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Scorpions are very good businesspeople. They like money because it gives them control and power. They are very good politicians, doctors, physiologists, astrologers, and financiers. They have a very powerful metaphysical ability and intuition, very strong mystical and spiritual powers. The Great Deluge took place in the month of Cheshvan. Cheshvan tends to be a cumbersome month of negative energy. It is one of the only months lacking in holidays, which makes it a good time to focus on the patterns in which we have fallen, the ill feelings we harbor, and the grudges that we still bear.

As Rav Berg says, the war against the darkness is not fought with guns and artillery but by lighting as many candles as possible. The more Light we bring to the world, the more darkness we eradicate, for darkness cannot exist where there is Light. Kislev sagittaurus. Kislev is the sign of Sagittarius.

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The letter Samech created the sign of Sagittarius. Samech comes from the phrase Somech noflim supporting the fallen. When the letter Samech came before the Creator, the Creator told it to go back to its place, which is after the letter Nun, and to support the Nun from falling. The letter Nun created the sign of Scorpio in which the Flood happened, and after the Flood God put the rainbow in the sky as an omen that there never be a flood again. Sagittarius in Hebrew is called Keshet, or rainbow. This is the rainbow in the sky, an omen between God and Noach a flood would never destroy the land.

Keshet is represented by the centaur, the mythological half-man, half-horse figure who hunts with a bow and arrow. The letter Gimel created Jupiter, which controls expansion and the ability to expand metaphysical vessels. Jupiter represents the desire to learn, to know, and the fields of science, biology, education, art and music. Sagittarius is a born optimist; for him everything is always okay and always arranged in the best way possible. Sagittarians feel they can solve all problems and will do all things required of them.

Sagittarians are prone to over-optimism, exaggeration, mockery, gambling and light-headedness.

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  • They are natural philosophers, teachers, educators, lovers, communicators, and friends. They like to travel, they love their freedom and space, and they are interested in world exploration as well as the study of human behavior, culture and religion. They share their knowledge with whoever seeks it.

    They love life and can be quite mischievous children. Because Sagittarius is the central column air element of the fire signs, it has the additional influence of air. Air fuels the fire and enable it grow and expend, this is why the Sagittarius can be a channel — instructor — teacher — salesman or any job in communication that combine the knowledge with humanity. Sagittarians are adventurous people who make excellent drivers, race drivers, and pilots. They love sports and challenge their destiny by taking unnecessary risks. The most important days in Kislev are the days of Chanukah, which begins on the 24th of Kislev and ends on the 2nd of Tevet.

    These conditions, together with the metaphysical actions that the Hasmoneans did, brought about this miracle that happened years ago. We are subject to the very same conditions every year on 24th day of the month of Kislev. This energy is revealed again for eight days as long as we connect to it through the Chanukah candles, and allows us to create tremendous miracles in our lives.

    The power of miracles exists and is available for us to access every day of the year. We must simply light the candles with the right and proper meditations and by that we activate this metaphysical system of miracles in our lives. Tevet Capricorn. The month of Tevet and the sign of Capricorn are both ruled by Saturn. Saturn provide the law enforcement in the cosmos, giving us each exactly what we deserve.

    This is the reason that Saturn has gotten such a bad rap amongst astrologers. The Book of Formation, written by Abraham the Patriarch more than 4, years ago, reveals that Saturn is responsible for the distractions, diseases, death, jails, poverty, disgrace, shame and the many other obstacles that plague our lives. Capricorn is an earth sign, with a strong connection to the material world. People born in this month have a strong need for financial security. They believe only in what their five senses convey and have trouble seeing beyond the apparent.

    Capricorn represents the Right Column of the earth signs, which signifies that its internal energy is water. Capricorns are family-oriented and have strong ties to the home. They are great caretakers who can often lack faith in the Light-force because they are easily controlled by physical forces. They fear what tomorrow might bring and a potential lack of funds for survival. These fears keep many Capricorns from becoming more spiritual. Those born in Tevet are traditionally reliable, responsible, caring, thrifty, and punctual. After all, time is money! They make excellent business people, accountants, engineers, attorneys, and in any disciplinary position, from crossing guard to drill sergeant.

    The letter Ayin created Capricorn and the letter Bet created Saturn.

    The combination of Ayin and Bet is the level of Chochmah when the Yud Hei Vav Hei is spelled out, and Capricorns do have this wisdom, because the original desire of Saturn is to reach the Light. Capricorn is one of the three hardest months of the year, but thanks to the holiday of Chanukah , which extends itself to the first two days of Tevet, we do receive an injection of Light-force that can sustain us through the month.

    Shevat Acquarius. The month of Shevat correlates with the astrological sign of Aquarius, which is an air sign. It is the third of the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Aquarius represents the Left Column of the three. Aquarius is ruled by two planets.

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    Traditional astrology attributes control of this month to Saturn, and modern astrology has given credit to Uranus, discovered by the astronomer William Hershel on March 13, Saturn, the seventh planet in the solar system, is the planet of judgment, order, responsibility, discipline and laws. Uranus is the eighth planet in the solar system, the one that breaks the proximity and limitations of seven — seven days, the seventh day, seven colors, seven notes etc.

    Uranus elevates us to new consciousness and new concepts beyond limitation. This is why the Age of Aquarius and the month of Aquarius are considered times of change. Both are times of new knowledge, inventions, humanity, the need to help, to understand and to support the needy.

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    The energy of Uranus also connects to the air element — intellectualism, innovations, and new concepts that will bring the world to a higher level of consciousness. Aquarians are rebellious by nature because they are constantly faced with penetrating questions concerning their individuality, their uniqueness and their identity. This is the reason that they strive to break old boundaries. To Aquarians, the past is but a fleeting moment, and they disconnect from the past in order to find a fresh and unfamiliar reality, a new truth to fit the new times. Aquarians make excellent computer technicians, scientists, and social workers.

    They thrive doing anything revolutionary, especially in tasks that carry the flag of social-political revolution. The Kabbalists explain that the Age of Aquarius began approximately years ago and is considered the Age of Revelation, or the Age of Redemption. Why does Aquarius, or "Shvat" according the Hebrew calendar, symbolize redemption? Because Aquarians perceive the world as unified, and Kabbalists consider this to be the basis of true redemption. Redemption is when all negativity is cleansed, when humanity is free of evil and fragmentation.

    Because of their higher level of consciousness, Aquarians are directly linked to this redemptive moment. Aquarians are unique… they stand out in a crowd and cannot be ignored. They show great promise as children and as adults they are idealists who strive to change the universe with original ideas. They are rebels, and their concern is the well being of humanity as a whole. They rebel against established ways of doing things, always looking to find new, better ways to solve world problems. Though Aquarians seek justice for all, this is a global quest, not a personal one.

    They support things that are grand and noble, while they fail to be sensitive to those around them who are suffering. Aquarians often lack a sense of the practical, and they are passionately independent and private.

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