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If you were born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, from February 15 to 21, you are full of compassion and creativity and can feel the weight of the.

They are the perfect days to start a new business, start building a house, relocate to a new job or house, buy a vehicle, property or jewellery, etc. The unlucky days of the month are the 8 th , 17 th and the 26 th. There is more chance of failure on these days.


Action may lead to waste of money, efforts, and you may lose your reputation. Ruby is your most suited gem. You can also wear a yellow sapphire and topaz. These improve your luck, health and will give success. These gems also promote the healthy growth of your young sons and daughters. Normally these are worn on the right hand ring finger. The first part of October is ruled by Venus 1 st nd. People born in October are ruled by Venus and the sign of Libra. They are always in search for justice, peace and harmony. Their refined character and diplomacy will be the source of their success.

Hesitance in decision making is their draw back. There are several ways that the negative side of the 1 can show up. Email it to a friend! Most of the time, you are lucky. See addition comments about master numbers. You are always search for new things. Im 36 yrs old.

Being a child of Venus it means that you are able to utilize your charm and persuasion skills in order to obtain whatever you want in life. Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and was named after the goddess of love and beauty. This makes you very preoccupied with your looks, you are always looking for a mirror to check on how you look, and you are interested in fashion and style. Your tastes are expensive and you love to be spoiled and appreciated.

The main touchstone in your life is relationships and their flourishing. We are using the Chaldean numerology which is inspired by Vedic numerology and followed by Cheiro.

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All today's birthday numerology reports based on the Chaldean method and another birthday predictions based on western astrology and Vedic astrology. If you missed your birthday forecast or want detailed and personalized birthday reading with more specific predictions, you can do this here - Full Numerology Predictions.

You can download free PDF report also. If today is your birthday on 9 October Hi, on this special day, wish you a happy birthday and good luck!

Birthday Number 22

If you were born on 9 October, here is your birthday predictions. You are known as the great human, courageous and, the person who not fear to take risk. You always help others even if your enemy wants help from you. You are the trustworthy person and, do blind trust on others which often harm your feelings. You are a hard worker, impatient, generous, and angry person. Your lucky gemstones are Ruby and Red coral. Lucky days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Your favorable careers are garments, industry, medical.

Your Personal Year Number for is 4 - Read below the forecast for the current year According to your personal year number 4, this is the fourth year of 9 years cycle.

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