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If you were born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, from February 15 to 21, you are full of compassion and creativity and can feel the weight of the.

Still, you will probably get the bosses to see from your elevated perspective at some point, so just be patient and they will soon catch up. Foresight is one of your gifts right now and is very useful in market trends, as is speculation. Any profit gained from this will not go unnoticed. So even if your tips are not taken, they will remember you were right! Ceres spends an extra long period in your marriage house this year when it goes retrograde in Leo from the beginning of the year until Jun Dark Triad relationships can certainly become a problem when Ceres transits through your marriage zone.

Triangles form not only in romantic relationships, but also in business and family dynamics. The most obvious can be becoming the scapegoat for narcissistic parents when your sibling is the golden child. The other scenario is a mother or father-in-law coming between you and your spouse. In this case, there is often some unconscious sexual rivalry with incestuous overtones going on, which can become quite creepy. Black Moon Lilith sends you fleeing into your secluded 12 th house to recuperate from the above!

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If you do not give yourself enough TLC then illness could be the result. Being ill forces you to slow down, but if you have really been abusing yourself you could be hospitalized! Overdoing the forbidden fruit might call for you to put yourself in rehab or go through a period of detoxification. In essence, you are giving birth to the new you. One that is honest, frank and does not compromise your ethics in order to be accepted. The Jul 13 Solar Eclipse will certainly test your immunity. However, if you get through this period without so much as a sniffle, then well done!

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You are obviously leading a balanced life and looking after your precious human body both mentally and physically. This Solar Eclipse attempts to jolt an imbalanced soul back into a harmonious life rhythm.

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You might have to get worse before you get better, so be patient. This is followed by the renewal of the Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse in your own sign, the second eclipse this year which forces you to look at your own needs. At this time the weighing scales of justice are measuring every little give-and-take. If there has been an ongoing imbalance, then the scales will abruptly clank down with a deafening thud with this lunar eclipse. It could be a wonderful payback time or make-or-break in relationships.

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If you suddenly decide to put yourself first and have not done previously, it can be a shock to those around you. A selfish partner may up and leave, but you will feel unexpected relief. More decisive action with Mars Retrograde in your own sign from Jun 27 to Aug During this period y ou will get the opportunity to completely rebuild your persona from the bottom up.

Events that happen will force you to completely reconstruct your personality or even your physical body. It will become apparent that you cannot simply patch over the cracks and that some real deep down cleansing is needed. Mars is the destroyer, but also the healing scalpel of the surgeon that removes any toxic relationships or blockages in your body that are weighing you down or preventing flow.

At this time you will find that such conflict builds up in your relationships that you lose patience with keeping up a false face to please people. The planets are really shaking up your relationships! The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse falls in your marriage house. I t really could be that this classic position actually does bring a marriage!

Or at least a marriage of sorts. You could also form a partnership that could be life-changing in terms of a business too. Legal contracts are highlighted, so important deals can be signed during this time also. The Solar eclipse has the effect of reinforcing satisfying and balanced relationships, but also of splitting apart weak or draining connections. You might have quite a few passionate arguments with partners of all sorts during this eclipse period, but they will only serve to bring you closer.

Black Moon Lilith enters your sign to bring more passion from Aug 11 until the end of the year. Lilith is so sexual in this zone, that there will be a great activation of the root chakra and your most primal desires. You will then need to learn to resist temptation, and reign in this wild-wolf. This can be quite a challenge when there is Tinder and such thingsā€¦ Sex-texting is at least safe-sex I suppose.

If you have been feeling like your libido has been flagging then this period is a great one for experimenting and being a lot more daring in the bedroom. Think of it as an extended time in the watery womb, when Mars goes direct again, you should start to feel the contractions of the red planet as it becomes impatient for rebirth. On Sep 11 the bubbling liquid will transform into the confident, strident flames of the Phoenix. Mars remains in your sign until Nov Instead, you just want to be self-sufficient and be allowed to get on with your own thing.

You will feel very sure of yourself though and extra secure in your position. You should have a very strong stamina at this time and put a lot of energy into back-breaking work. What your birthday says about you is that when you have problems, you tend to keep it to yourself.

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So, when you put up this front, others can be disapproving about the way you handle the issues at hand. Even after knowing this, you still have a great concern for others and are willing to help them. It is just that you have your way of solving problems. January 27 birthday personality are considerate of others, and deep down, they appreciate it.

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In life, there will be disappointments, but you will find serenity in the end. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. The January 27 horoscope predicts that you take pleasure in the finer things that life offers. You are physically strong and vital. Aquarians are polite, happy and physically appealing. Your grooming standards are impeccable. You want others around you to look good as well.

You are an intelligent person who will prosper. You are a lucky sun sign when it comes to wealth and success. Those born today on January 27 have a strong will and are unbendable at times.

January 27 Aquarius Personality

It is hard to change your mind once it is made up. It is your ethics that keep you grounded. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Before jumping all over someone Aquarius, get all the facts first. You would do better in defending your position.

Because of your ethics, you tend to be a little on the cautious side. While we respect this, you need not be suspicious all the time. Everyone does not have an agenda that is against you. So loosen up a bit and let people do their thing.

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Just like you, they only have one life to live here on earth. It is to be enjoyed and not spent in being revengeful. The January 27 horoscope suggests that you will make a free home for yourself and family. You realize that having money and material possessions do not complete you when it comes to having everything you want out of life. When you finally find your true love, you will need to remain faithful and true. Keep negative forces away from you.

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Aquarius, you need to stay clear of damaging situations. It is essential to the success of your relationships. The future of person who born on 27 January depends on your positivity.